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The Customer is reserved the right to withdraw from the agreement within 10 days counting from the day they received the ordered good(s). A withdrawal declaration is valid as long as it is sent in writing to:

Nidea Sp. z o.o.
Mełgiewska 9F,
20-209 Lublin.

Entries must be posmarked within these 10 days. Before the Customer sends such a declaration, they should also send a copy via e-mail to our address:
The Customer sends the product(s) in the same condition as it (they) was (were) sent to them (not damaged, without visible signs of use) within 14 days counting from the day when the withdrawal declaration was sent. If the Customer sends the declaration together with the product(s) the time limit shortens to 10 days.

The expenses are reimbursed within 14 days counting from the day the Seller receives the withdrawal declaration and the returned product(s).

The Customer is obligated to send the receipt together with the product(s).
Declaration template containing neccesary information is available here:

Oświadczenie plik PDF

Oświadczenie plik WORD

1. Each blank must be completed.
2. Declaration must be signed.
3. Declaraion is invalid unless it is fully completed.